MYTH: I will never be succesful in business because I am not a native speaker

FALSE! It's not what you say but how you say it!

Success in English is just around the corner

Welcome to Power Talk!

9 out of 10 English learners believe that English is holding back their career!


The truth is that you don't need to speak native English to succeed in business.

Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Master your English fears and

Never let English hold back your career again!

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Hi, I'm Peter - founder and coach at Power Talk. Having lived in Eastern Europe for 8 years, I see that most people speak better English than they think. And worst, THIS BELIEF is what holds them back!


*Life Coaching

*Expert English Lessons

*Accent and Voice Training

I created the first program to teach you English Confidence while you finish learning vocabulary and grammar. We also fix your accent as well.

Think of me as your personal English guide.

I value my personal relationships with each student and on our strategy call you will talk to me personally as we map out your specific needs.


Ready to take the big step towards BEATING your English FRUSTRATIONS and becoming as FEARLESS as a NATIVE?

 Smash your Accent

Make Confident Presentations

Learn to Love Small Talk

Master First Impressions

Develop an American Voice

Handle Pressure with Ease!

Featured Case Study:


How a Swiss Business Coach kept up in her industry by starting to coach in English!

Anja, a Swiss-German Business Coach, came to us struggling because her industry was rapidly moving to English-only trainings. Nervous about being left behind, Anja sought us out.

In the first session, she complained "My English is so terrible!" but she went the whole lesson only making a few mistakes!

The problem was mindset.

Throwing away the textbook, we focused on her self-impression of her English, something we call "Self-talk."

In 3 weeks, we changed it from "My English is terrible" to "My English is great!"

A few days later, she was at a training and one of the students didn't speak German. She automatically switched to English, succesfully delivering her service for the first time in English. She came to the next session smiling, "My English is really great!"

 From there, she got her first job in English, and the rest is history.

Want to be like Anja and become fearless in English?

Schedule a Strategy call or download our Expert Checklist.


In our strategy call we discover your exact problems

Why are you seeking help NOW? What frustrations are you facing that you will create a breakthrough in your communication?

Power Talk Foundations

Our Signature programs walks you through the foundations of Confident Business Communication

*Accent and Fluent Voice

*Building Authority

*Speaking to the person in front of you

*Frame and Persuasion

*Maintaining Long-term Relationships

Customized Coaching

Based on the needs in our Strategy Sessions, our 3-month core coaching puts your new skills into action to tackle your core needs. 

At this point it is also possible to have additional grammar, vocabulary, presentation lessons as needed. Every person is different, we just guarantee you get exactly what you want.

How does it work?

Ready to take the big step towards BEATING your English FRUSTRATIONS and becoming as FEARLESS as a NATIVE?

Speak to Peter Personally

The strategy call is not a sales call, we will actually build you an action-plan and check your accent.

Community Access

Join a community of like-minded professionals working to meet their English goals in our monthly mastermind calls.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you're not satisifed with the program within 30 days of starting, your money back is guranteed!

4.9 Star Rating On Preply

Peter was the top-ranked tutor on Preply for over a year, with over 500 coaching hours and certified reviews.

24/7 Email Support

Can't get the perfect "r" at 2AM? We got you covered! Simply send an email and we'll reply with a personal audio sample!

Competitive Prices

We work smart and pass the savings onto you. The program is competitively priced so your wallet can breath easy.


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