Turn your office into a Comedy Troupe,

discover your inner actor and grow your soft skills in one action-packed program!

Join companies like Google and Danone in discovering why Improvisation is the best way to build a culture of trust and innovation!

We have the only American-style training program in Europe, using improv fundamentals to ease tensions in teams, grow skills and add memorable moments to your leadership retreat.

Now available in Europe/MENA regions, we tailor programs to your specific needs.

See why people are leaving feedback like Benno Richters (Manager of Budapest branch, TOPdesk).

"I watched a transformation take place from hardcore programmers to eloquent artists

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In every one of our workshops, you WILL...

Grow personally through an increase in awareness of your habits, communication patterns, interpersonal relationships and room for development.

Learn with the best-of-the-best techniques in areas including comedy, acting, improvisation, social confidence techniques, public speaking, meditation and breathing methods and body-awareness.

Full-Access to our expert staff, including founder Peter Kaufman at events abroad and the ProEnglish Drama School family at programs in Kyiv.

Are you ready to break dysfunctional habits and become a super team which easily innovates and closes deals...

all in a relaxed and fun environment?

Train Soft Skills Using Comedy and Role-Playing with REAL Actors!

Leadership Retreats and

 Team Building

High-Energy Marketing and Sales Pitches

Management and Conflict Resolution

Build respect, lead your team and get results now.