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Become a decisive leader, relax and be yourself around women and connect authentically with men.

The ultimate personal development program for men in beautiful Kyiv, Ukraine.


Develop Core Confidence

 in our trade-mark improv program, combinbing authentic relating techniques with a consistent method to create funny in any situation, you will learn to simultaneously be yourself and be attractive, creating a sense of calm relaxation that draws people to you.

Join a powerful community

 As both a member of your very own comedy troupe and the larger ProEnglish community you will have a home within a home, from the moment you arrive!

Comfort zone annihilation 

Getting your feet wet on the stage is one-thing, our marquee social confidence program is another. Taking to the street, you will be interacting with the world's most beautiful women in a calm, natural way to instill a lasting sense of comfort even in the most intimidating of situations. Imagine walking down the street, breathing easy and knowing you can handle yourself. Yes! Breath easy for the rest of

your life!

Are you a digital nomad looking to find stability in a fast-paced life?


Live with a community focused on YOUR personal growth!


Discover your options today!

Make Your Mark

Training under our Comedy Lab program you will learn to be an improv master with the same quality as famous theaters in New York or Chicago.

Program Includes

-The Simple Comedy Formula

-Smashing your Stage Fright

-The permanent de-stress method

-Authentic Connection techniques

-Public Speaking and Storytelling

-Topics suited to your personal needs

Join Our Kyiv

Life as an expat or digital nomad can be challenging and finding community is the biggest challenge of all.

Even co-working spaces and popular meetups don't compare to the feeling of working together to build a home.

As part of the ProEnglish Theatre community you will be part of a living, breathing family that became an integral part of Ukraine through years of hard-work bringing people together.

This is a unique opportunity as an expat to truly feel at home in your city.

Personalized Coaching

Unlike other coaches, we have active experience in

-Tech and Finance

-Acting and Communication

-Coaching and Mentoring

-Finding our way in the 21st century

In a weekly 1-to-1, we will guide you to find the tools to solve your challenges and thrive in your current life pursuits.



Unlimited Access to ProEnglish Theatre and Drama School events!

Train with the same system as Hollywood Actors with professional coaches from Ukraine and the USA.

On-Stage Spot at Pro.ACT Fest - Ukraine's biggest English-language theater event!

Train with us for 4 months and become a star with a guaranteed opportunity to be on-stage in front of some of Ukraine's top show-biz talent!

Welcome committee including Airport Pick-up and welcome dinner with the community. 

One-of-us from day 1!

Includes help selecting the best accommodation for your needs with good location, amenities and modern quality.

Are you a digital nomad looking to find stability in a fast-paced life?


Live with a community focused on YOUR personal growth!


Discover your options today!