9 out of 10 English Speakers make little mistakes that damage their credibility.

Be the 1 exception

It's not what you say that matters, but 

how you say it. With our powerful speaking techniques you will learn to speak in a way that 

*Earns more money

*Creates instant connection with others

*Makes you feel relaxed and powerful

More than just English lessons, learn real American communication with US actors! All-inclusive English courses for persuasive skills or professional English training.

We are looking for students who are:

*Highly Motivated to learn FAST

*Willing to work minimum 2x per week

*Interested in English for real communication, not just to pass exams

*Have a fun sense of humor

Topics include:

Professional English instruction

Interviews and CVs

Presentation Structure

Body Language and Tonality

Sales and Negotiations

So much more!

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