Getting to YES!

If you know one thing about improv it's our motto - "Yes, and!" "YES!" means we accept whatever is happening as true while the "and" means we add information. If my partner says I'm a doctor, I say "Yes, and you're my nurse" or "Yes, and you have cancer."

At Red Ball we believe that life is an improvisation and therefore life skills are improv skill. Our workshops push us to say "Yes, and" in all of life by crushing our fears and opening up a world of opportunity.

Furthermore, we believe that leadership is about inspiring those around us to also say "YES!" and our Public Speaking workshops train us how to get to "YES!" in all aspects of life. This training will help in the office, in school and even hanging out with friends. Keep an eye out for this must-do workshop starting in February.

In the meantime, we are excited to announce our return to Budapest with improv level 1 starting Tuesday 24 January. Spots are limited - register here before they're gone:

See you soon,

Peter - Founder and CEO, Red Ball Theater