Hungarian Improv for Social Good

Yesterday I had the honor to meet Willy Benkő, founder of Speak Academy in Budapest. Willy teaches public speaking to gifted students and businessmen looking to make an impact and we share a mission to empower Hungarians to be self-confident, energetic do-ers. Willy invited me to take part in his charity project which does this in Hungarian jails.

Everything I wrote about in my first blog post about using improvisation as life-empowerment, applies equally well to people in management and people in prison. However this situation will pose challenges as it will be in Hungarian. While I have taught in Hungarian at other improv theaters in Budapest, I usually teach improv in English. However, we are adding more Hungarian into our normal curriculum, keep an eye on the newsletter for an announcement coming soon.

To conclude, Red Ball Theater is quickly moving into new areas while we keep the old ones going strong. Our first show is officially scheduled for 17 March at Muszi. Our OSHO meditation this Sunday has 50 signups and we're preparing to bring English Improv to the Hungarians.