OSHO Active Meditation and Improv

The past few years I've seen countless improv shows in languages I don't understand. Traveling around Europe I always connect with local improvisers and end up at a show or two. I discovered that if it's good improv then I will understand it even in a foreign language and I will laugh just as hard as the audience. These are belly laughs. When I don't understand what's going on, the audience may laugh, but it's a "heady" laugh, more of a chuckle.

This observation led me to design Red Ball's improv philosophy around physicality. Improv should start in the body and the words come only when needed. To help us get into our bodies, we use dynamic meditation. This meditation practice was invented by a guru named OSHO and is part dance, part therapy and entirely crazy. It resembles a war dance.

We run an OSHO workshop every Sunday and I personally use it as a chance to reset every week. No matter what happens, I know that on Sunday I dance away all the unproductive emotions and start Monday fresh. We also use OSHO in improv classes when needed. Yesterday the class had a "heady" energy - lots of talking not a lot of motion. So we did 10 minutes of OSHO and when we jumped back in there was a magical scene of two friends so scared they jumped into each other's arms Scooby Doo style. Belly laughs.

For more information on OSHO, check out this link: http://www.osho.com/meditate/active-meditations/dynamic-meditation and here's our next OSHO workshop. We are less than one month away from our first Improv Show in Budapest