The Gate Keepers to Embracing your Life’s Purpose

The modern world is stuck in its head. We are always thinking: Thinking of how to make more money, how to find more happiness, how to get more girls. The head wants to win and the head fears being a loser, for there is nothing worse than losing.

On the path from the head to the heart lay a gatekeeper called spontaneity. The truth he teaches is that by letting go of control we accomplish more than we could have ever planned with our head alone. Passing this gate requires overwriting society’s toxic influence. First, one learns to embrace failure: That messing up is more pleasurable than being always right and that truly creative ideas are birthed through spontaneity. Thus we loosen up the throat which presses down the spontaneous ideas rising up from our bowels and begin to access our personal creativity.

This opening gets us far - it is a revolution in our life that takes us places impossible to imagine before. One begins to notice rawer and rawer beliefs and emotions escaping from the body. As one becomes more confident and accepting of his rawness, he starts to chafe against other people. Many people don’t like other’s creativity because it is threatening. It is a threat to their mediocrity and sometimes even a threat to their livelihood.

We are speaking from the heart and the heart lives in fear of being broken so at this stage many close up. Authentic beliefs start to be hedged, embellished or apologized for. “No those jeans really do make your ass look foot. I’m sorry.” “Actually I don’t think that CEO should be in jail... but I might be wrong.” Many start to use humor to cover up their fear of rejection for their authenticity. An authentic compliment may give way to a compensating insult.

We never entirely return to the closed state from whence we came. That state would preclude the honesty in the first place. But our doubt starts to hinder our creative process until the next gatekeeper is passed. This gatekeeper is called rawness. This gatekeeper teaches us to be grounded in our truth, to defend it and to make no apologies for it. Beyond this gatekeeper lay the guts, the root chakra, the pelvic floor, and the sex center – the seat of our life.

Creating from the gut is a level to which few arrive and most that do are rewarded with business success, the romance of their choosing and the deep happiness created through self-security. At this point there is no turning back. “Why would I go back to living to please others when I have so much to offer???” says the gut.

Improv Level 1 reaches the first threshold: spontaneity.

Improv Level 2 reaches the second threshold: rawness.

Join us in The Art of Freedom – Improv Level 1 – Starting Tuesdays in September.


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