Two Weeks to Tango

Improv started as a hobby for me and I used to travel around Europe hooking up with local improvisers to chat, have a beer and play shows. When it became my business, wires got crossed in my brain and that same level of joy disappeared from my improv world. So I always look for new hobbies, new communities to enliven my life. While nothing has quite stuck like Improv, I do make a point of learning a new skill every summer through an intensive bootcamp. I’ve tried Krav Maga, MeditationDrumming and this year I chose Tango.

Tango appealed to me for many reasons:

-It’s everywhere

-I want to learn how to dance

-Dance is a great spark for deep relationships

-This camp was so much more than Tango.

Billed as “Tango Woodstock” we also went hiking, rock climbing, archerying, yoga-ing, etc… Organized by the Belgrade Tango Natural, this turned into a two-week journey with some of the best instructors in Europe and full of sub-plots and twists.