Want Eternal Happiness? Read this.

The people who have what you want aren't happy because they have what you want. First of all, some of them aren't even happier than you. Secondly, if they are happier it's because of the mindset that got them there - the internal values that are with them when they wake up, go to sleep and everywhere in between.

Look at a millionaire. Is he happy? Depends on the millionaire. I went to college with a lot of finance guys who still work 14-16 hour days. Sure they're loaded but is it worth spending every waking hour chasing sales and counting numbers?

Yes, it's true: if you have certain things life is easier. If you have money, cars, power, status, you can attain some of these things which, in a vacuum, would add value to your life. But it says nothing, NOTHING about the long-term. How many companies were kicking it big in the late 90s only to crash one devastating Monday?

If you reduce the window to the times where they're swole, yes envy them. But if you look at a broader picture we're all human and we all can only get on by living the best internal life possible.

Now, that doesn't mean you should be Jesus and give everything to charity, no one's trying to make you into something you're not, and that sort of "moral righteousness" is what pisses people off and causes resentment in the first place.

Rather focus on developing the things that matter to you. Sure resilience, perseverance, generosity, these are nice but rather I say focus on one thing: creativity. Your creativity is the one internal value that you necessarily love. It's what everyone loves about you because it's what makes you you. Creativity is fun, it has instant gratification, it attracts people and opportunities into your life. It's gratifying both in the external world and internal world - it is the bridge to true lasting happiness.

Embrace your creativity, go deeper and deeper into everyday. It will enliven your friendships and your financial endeavors. It will make you happy in the long term, it will make you truly independent of everyone else's thoughts, feelings and fears. It's what makes you into the adult you are destined to become and will make you shine for generations to come.


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