The Two Most Important Skills For Creators or (How To Be Steve Jobs)

I know what you're thinking and NO! The answer is NOT "improvisation" and "public speaking!" The two most important creative skills are going from "0->1" and from "99->100.

Going from 0 to 1 is communicating the idea to yourself.

Going from 99 to 100 is presenting the vision to the world

0 to 1 makes something out of nothing.

1 to 99 brainstorms, researches, tweaks and develops the idea.

99 to 100 puts that work into society.

If 0->1 is putting the song on paper, 99->100 is releasing it on YouTube. If 0->1 is the sketch of an iPhone, 99->100 is the keynote address. 100 is not an end but rather a beginning of greater things. If 100 is the launch of a blog, by the time you grow an audience the final result could be 300, 400 or even 1000! And hey, Apple just hit 1,000,000,000,000!

Let's remember that we are all creators. Approaching someone romantically is "0->1" and a first kiss is "99->100." Creating a baby... what do you think?


So we can break down creation into three stages: inspiration, brainstorming, and polished product.

In theory developing can take forever because there is never a perfect product. So how do we decide when to make that leap from 99 to 100??? Pick a date! When I started Red Ball I set a date for the show (November 6 2015) and worked backwards from there, realizing my "0->1" moment was convincing 25 people that I could train them to put on a show in 8-weeks! I went out to bars and spoke to every English-speaking group, convincing people to come to a trial class. Once there, 90% of people signed up for the 8-weeks and Red Ball Theater was born! For someone with a true vision, that 0->1 step is much more than an "aha" moment! It is an act of creative leadership and charisma to convince people to follow you and emotionally invest in your vision. It is my favorite part of the process and intricately related with the 99->100 step, which is what we teach in our conversation charisma course coming in just a few weeks. But before we talk about that, let's break-down "99->100."

A finished product is the art of fitting the idea into a larger picture of society: It is solving the paradox between your internal world and your society or community. The iPhone as an idea is a phone, music player and internet device in one. The iPhone as a product is all of that... in your pocket. Connecting with people on launch is not just about user interface and slick design but rather a million factors going into human psychology. Can you imagine releasing a Christmas movie in May???


We can now see how the Creator Studio evolved out of our Improv Theater.

0->1 involves a deep sense of self and understanding of your inner world. As a theater we use deep techniques such as archetype meditations to access that core and make you an idea machine.

1->99 is the fun part and this is the core of improv. Actually, improv is the art of 0->99: generating ideas and brainstorming them on-the-spot without caring about the finished product. The improv "forms" we learn are a pre-packaged "100" in order to present improv in an understandable way to a larger audience. However, as an art form, improv doesn't care about the 100.

That is why our Conversation Charisma course is less about giving a speech and more about forcing you to distill an idea down into a single solid thesis, aka a "100."


Creating Creators is our mission at Red Ball. We empower people with the external tools and the inner guidance to bring their vision to reality. Everyone has a gift inside of them waiting to be expressed and that gift is independent of me, your parents and everyone else in the world. There is no greater joy than watching students embrace that gift.

The new season of Red Ball is about to get started with improv coming Tuesday and Conversation Charisma in just a few weeks. We also have a special class specificially about that "0->1" moment, tomorrow at ImpactHub. Stay tuned for more info and hit the subscribe button below for first-access to the exciting season ahead.


P.S. Watch the first 3 minutes of the Keynote above and relieve the magic of Steve Job's greatest moment.

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