Get Rid of Negative Beliefs Once and For All!

A negative belief is something we hold onto, like a gift your girlfriend gave you before cheating. We keep it because we think it gives us value. It provides a stable sense of identity while providing us the happiness of fantasy beneath the sadness.

The trouble is people act and behave in accordance with who they think they are. Holding onto the belief, like holding onto the gift traps that energy in your life. No matter how many affirmations and visualizations we do, that energy is still there, bound to our identity like a tumor. In order to move onto a more positive belief, we must remove the tumor. Fortunately, there is no physical operation and removing the tumor is as simple as releasing the emotion we are holding onto.

Simple? Not quite. Like an operation is physically painful, removing a belief is emotionally painful. The happiness beneath lay behind the sad truth of the belief: "she didn't actually like me that much." We subconsciously know the pain we must face to release the emotion, causing us to cling tighter and tighter to this belief until it suffocates us. We build our life around the falsehood.

On the improv stage, limiting beliefs come up all the time as we see what part of the story people habitually don't want to explore. No matter how exciti