Top 7 Reasons to Take an Improv Class

Improv is where adulthood meets childhood and improv class is an experiment: what happens if we put 12 adults in a room with no rules? The first week the answer is "chaos," and after 7 weeks the answer becomes "art." It's no surprise that improv changes lives.

What is Improv? Improv is comedy without a plan. We get on-stage with a group of 6 people and make you laugh for 30 minutes. There is no script, no costumes and no safety-net. How does it work? We use games and exercises to train the skills needed to perform risky, off-the-cuff comedy on-stage in front of strangers! Improv is one of the most complex skills in the world, requiring abilities in areas from Public Speaking to Team-work to Active-Listening and more!

Here are our 7 favorite reasons to take an improv class:

1. It's great for your social life

12 new friends, right off the bat. Cool people from diverse parts of life: managers, students, businessmen and expats. It's a brand new social circle and a pillar in your life. And Improv skills make you a better friend: someone who people trust and want to be with.

2. It's great for your career

Team-work, leadership and innovation. Quick-thinking and the ability to relax in the face of stress. Improv skills are management skills. Improv skills make you leave a memorable impression, the kind that makes people respect you and value your ideas and talent.

3. Shake it off!

Life is stressful and if you don't shake it off, the anger and frustration sticks to you. Improv is 3 hours a week to laugh and relax and make room for a better, happier lifestyle.

4. Improve Your English

Practice makes permanent. All our classes are taught in English by native speakers. Playing in this environment every week makes your English natural. You'll learn vocab and phrases that would never come up in classes or even movies!

5. Self-expression

I wanted to be artistic, so I tried drawing... but it was too boring. Then I tried dancing... but it was too hard. Then I found improv... and it was just right!

6. Feel yourself a team

Playing an improv show is like playing a football match: it is a team victory! The bond formed through your improv level 1 is like nothing many have experienced before especially if you've never played sports. It is a special moment to look back on with pride and create bonds much deeper than your average pub friend.

7. Push Your Comfort Zone

The first rule of improv is "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!" You will find courage you didn't know you had and explore new parts of life previously locked away from you. Improv is an eye-opening experience. There is nothing else like it!


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