You Can't Run With Bulls in Hungary but You Can Do This!

Running with the Bulls is meeting the heart and soul of a people: It is like the Day of the Dead in Mexico or the Valborg Bonfires in Sweden. While there are no animals running down the streets of the party district (OK, besides Brits...), there are still ways to meet the Hungarian heart if we know where to look.

Hungarian culture is notorious for being impossible to penetrate. Hungarian social circles are hard to gain entrance to and the culture itself is an enigma to outsiders. In most countries drinking is a safe-bet to get to know the people but with the tourist invasion of the inner-city, it's hard to find an accessible Hungarian pub. Making matters worse is the general low-energy of Hungarians: There are no national-anthems guaranteed to raise a rousing chorus in a bar and even "Hungarian" restaurants in the West feature Gypsy bands rather than Hungarian ballads.

But not all hope is lost! From adrenaline-packed sports to pagan festivals and more.... here are five ways to gain access to the Hungarian soul.

1. Carnival