Top Five Public Speaking Tips

Years before I discovered Improv these five speaking tips turned me from a shy, nervous programmer into a confident extroverted speaker. I was 20 years old and had never given a speech in my life. I was so insecure that I refused to even look at myself on video and I had spent my teen-years in my comfort zone, camped in my basement teaching myself to program. I loved math and I loved to code. I was gifted and I didn't have to talk to people so no one could hurt me or laugh at me or reject me. When I started college I was no different, finishing my Computer Science degree in two years and landing my dream job on Wall Street at the age of 19. With my entire life laid out before me I decided to try something new: learn to speak in public.

Thank. God. I turned my life from living in fear of people to embracing the connection I secretly craved. These five tips are the core of what I learned in class that trained me in just 12 weeks to believe in myself and make the memorable impression I'm known for today.