Local Characters: Meet Andrea Breitling

Who are you and how do people know you in Budapest?

People in Budapest know me for my wacky events and artistic nature. I basically get involved in anything that intrigues me. This Saturday Oct 27th I’m honored to be hosting the Luxuria Fetish Party with featured artists from around the world. In addition, I’m co-hosting several workshops at my flat… sexy dance, shibari rope bondage, glamour makeup, and a sex-positive discussion group.

I’m whatever I decide to be in the moment:

  • Mother of two teenagers (also performers)

  • Rockstar fashion designer

  • Tattoo and Makeup artist

  • Breastfeeding counselor

  • Performer: Fire Dancer, Standup comedy and Singing

  • Entrepreneur

  • Good Friend

  • Fine artist (painter)

What brings out the best in you?

Sleep, sex, exercise, healthy food… When your body chemistry is right, you feel like you can do anything. I’m really on a high when it comes to making music with people… or sitting around making ridiculous inappropriate jokes.

What side of you don't people often see?

Those in my inner circle know this about me... my heart is soft and squishy. I’m a fierce friend and loyal lover. I hear that I’m often mis-characterized as a party girl. While I lead a colorful life for sure, one of my primary focuses is on health, fitness, self-awareness.

What do you look for in a man?

About men. I love them. So much. I love the way a man’s smile stretches across his teeth. I love strong thick forearms. I love beastly men who are in touch with their animal self. You can see the purpose and power in them yet they choose to channel it in ways that contribute to the people they love.

I have a primal admiration for men in physical labor jobs that are often tiring and dangerous .I think blue collar men are greatly overlooked.

I’m turned on by emotional intimacy - probably like all women. Show me you see me. Let me see who you are.

I’ve been mostly single for a few years now, and it’s an interesting experience. I find dating in Hungary to be completely different than in the US. Social narratives are still very strong here. If you look like __________ you must be like ____________, and I feel I’m often mis characterized. This makes me a bit sad, really. There are all these people wandering around looking for each other, but they can’t see through their own projections.

What are some “top” (memorable) dating moments in Hungary?

I took some time off from dating this year to look at myself and see how I was contributing to my own experience. Results of my experiment are still not conclusive… though you will hear me talk about many of my dating woes in my stand-up comedy.

Most memorable dates:

  • Driving to Bratislava just for dinner at the UFO restaurant

  • A motorcycle ride through the mountains, eating goulash from a cauldron cooked over a fire

  • A first date at Anna Pasztor’s Hedonista party

  • Traveling to Kosovo to participate in a graffiti festival

Most awkward dates:

  • Being invited to sleep over at a man’s house where he had no bed, and 1 sleeping bag to share

  • Men (more than 3) revealing after a few dates that they’re married

If you had one message for all of Budapest, what would it be?

Put away your armor. Let people see you... share your story.

Smoking / drinking culture is killing you guys. I’d love to see a cultural shift toward physical health and fitness.

Where can we find you? What’s coming up in your universe?

Luxuria fetish party this weekend:

  • Workshops and mentioned above in partnership with Luxuria

The Breitling Boudoir

  • My sexy flat available for private events, photo / film sets, and slumber parties.

  • I am now offering sexy boudoir photo sessions with hair and makeup

  • Instagram: Breitling Boudoir

Art / Fashion

  • You can see my latest dresses, hats, paintings on Instagram: artgirly1

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