Are you ready to turn your anxiety into a gift?

Fight, Flight or Freeze! These are the responses to adrenaline - the sense that danger is about. If we do not have the right coping mechanisms for adrenaline, we will experience anxiety, addiction and find it impossible to healthily achieve fitness.

When our body is pumped with adrenaline, our breath changes. In the fight response, we breath deeper into our chest to prepare for battle. In the flight response our breath shortens as we devolve into panic. And in the freeze response, our breath stops.

When we are aware of our breath we are aware of our fear and when we are aware of our fear we can turn it into a gift.

Say you're anxious around the dance floor. Say dancing makes you so anxious whenever it's time to dance you instead go down two shots of jaeger. Go to the dance floor and feel your breath tighten, feel the sweat start to form and stay present while continuing to breath. Do not go anywhere. Do not move one inch. In thirty seconds the anxiety will turn to excitement. In thirty more seconds you will start to move your feet. In thirty more seconds you will start to dance and breath a deep sigh of relief as the physical tension leaves your body. Dancing becomes your medicine as you celebrate the joy of release.

As this method becomes habit we start to heal more and more situations in whic