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We are art.

But often we are too anxious to slow down and discover this for ourselves. We freak out just before striking gold as the yes of courage turns to the no of safety. Slow down until you find the art within. It might take a minute. Might take an hour. Maybe a day. Maybe a year or even a lifetime. Yet the courage and acceptance you gain through this discovery is yours forever, to conquer the world with or to settle-down into the peace of self-acceptance. Mohammed Ali started counting sit-ups when it began to hurt. Life starts when we start living our art. Your improv journey starts today. Explore Life Beyond the Yes! Improv Level 1: Tuesdays from March 19. It just takes one moment to unlock your instinctive creativity.

Improv Level 1: 30% off Today!

Like what you read? Starting a revolution requires coffee. Starbucks Venti Americano to be precise. Every cup helps whether it's one for $2.50, or ten for $25

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