Campfire Comedy: A Recipe for Fun

Sitting around the campfire in the company of friends is a feeling that sends warm shivers up the spine of any expat. That feeling of coziness, belonging and tribal friendship is the deepest sacrifice of living away from home. And we built Red Ball Theater to meet that need in Budapest: a cozy community with a side-dish of comedy. Campfire Comedy is our marque event, running the first Wednesday of each month publicly and usually with another show at a private organization such as a University or corporation as well. Check out the story below.

How does it work?

We start with warming up the audience with our camp-fire ice breakers. Secret hand-shakes, singing, swinging, poems. Simple exercises to get the connection spices flowing.

Then we warm-up with simple scenes. Lost in translation are some of our favorites where the diverse ingredients interview each other in their own language.

Now that we're warm it's time to get the fire BURNING. A crowd favorite "Pet Peeves" creates a chorus of frustration as our audience vents their daily annoyances onto the crowd with each-other in this tribal exorcism.

Now the fire's roaring and it's time to cook something special. Rap battles are our fan favorite. In true Red Ball style, we don't use real music, real rappers or real talent. We use what we have: ourselves.

First, we strike up the tunes with our human beat-mix

Let the battle begin!

Join us the first Wednesday of each month at Campfire Comedy on the House Bar main-stage! Next event is March 6th, 6.30PM! Mini-classes proceed each show to get to know each other and some basic improv skills for the night and life!

Bring the magic to you and join others such as Ukraine's pro.ACT festival, Central European University (CEU) and TopDesk software company. Comedy Goulash is perfect for:

1. Community Building

2. Branding: showcase your organizations creativity because you are more than just a company

3. Skills learning and creative confidence.

Hire-us today by reaching out to!

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